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What do we do to make you enjoy aiio even more?

The development of aiio is really taking off. We are committed to being the best solution for organisational crowd mining.


Already available in aiio today:

  • Model BPMN processes in detail ✅
    In aiio, processes can be modeled and linked to relevant information.
  • Microsoft Teams App ✅
    aiio works not only in the browser, but also directly in Teams.
  • Sending and receiving processes✅
    Processes can be sent to employees in order to digitally obtain the knowledge of the specialist managers.
  • Approval workflows✅
    Processes can be approved and versioned according to their own rules.
aiio launches with personalised dashboards
Q2 2023

New Org Chart (Available Now)

Our organization chart becomes enterprise-ready. In order to be able to represent really large organizations, we had to fundamentally rebuild our tool. We are looking forward to present you the result soon.

  • New interface ✅
    We improve the look and feel of the user interface. Org units, roles, etc. are visually more distinct than before.
  • Free positioning of shapes ✅
    Shapes can be positioned freely and aligned with one click using auto layouts.
  • Custom color adjustments ✅
    With the new org chart modeling, shapes can be adjusted using color codes.
aiio launches with personalised dashboards
Q3 2023

New Process Map (Now Available)

The organizational chart revision is followed by the revision of the process map. In the future, we want to give you more possibilities for free design here. A multi-layered approach is also planned.

  • New possibilities ✅
    Any number of process maps with any number of levels can be created. Process groups have been introduced as a new entity in aiio.
  • Image and text upload ✅
    Finally upload your own logos.
  • Clear links ✅
    We also introduce learned aiio user behavior for the process map and enable the linking of relevant information via the sidebar.
aiio launches with personalised dashboards
Q4 2023

Process detail pages revision + extended PDF export

In response to many customer requests, we are modifying our process detail pages and adding information on the specific shapes of the modeled drawing.
This information also appears on the exported PDF.

aiio launches with personalised dashboards

Modular AI prompt generator

Our popular AI function has been significantly expanded. In future, the request to the AI can be more modular and customized according to your own ideas.

In addition to general optimisation suggestions, the AI can now also take into account targets or standards, for example.

It should also be possible to have potential KPIs or risks suggested in addition to optimization suggestions.

Q1 2024

New start page/ dashboard

We are making the entry to aiio more attractive. The start page will be visually adapted to the more modern style of aiio and will have quick links to the other aiio modules.

aiio launches with personalised dashboards

Predecessor & successor relationships

We will make it possible to define predecessor and successor processes in aiio. These can then also be viewed visibly on the process drawing.

Q2 2024

Data import from external systems

Many of our customers and interested parties have already modeled processes with other software. We are improving our interfaces to import these from various third-party systems and will be introducing a comprehensive import function here in spring/summer 2024.  


We have much more in store

In addition to the functions mentioned above, which are already scheduled, we have planned many more functions that will gradually find their way into our software.

  • Risks and opportunities
    Risks and opportunities can be created and linked to processes.
  • Multilingualism
    Content such as process descriptions or titles should be able to be displayed in different languages.
  • Simultaneous editing of processes
    Processes should become live and editable together with colleagues.
  • Execute processes
    should be possible to create checklists from processes, which are then processed, saved and evaluated.
  • KPIs
    It should be possible to define KPIs for processes and maintain them.
Actively shape aiio

Tell us about your ideas and suggestions for improvement

Your wishes for the future of aiio were not mentioned here? Then share them with us and join the community of many aiio customers. We have created a portal where we can interact with you in an uncomplicated way.

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Dev Roadmap &
Release Information

What do we do to make you enjoy aiio even more?

March 2022

aiio 1.0 Release

  • Process management
    Incl. digital process recording
  • Personal dashboards
    Always stay up to date
  • Microsoft Teams App
    Be notified at all times
  • Organisational chart
    Assign roles and persons to processes
  • Approval workflows
    Send, comment & accept processes

May 2022

Management system and resource management

  • Resource booking
    Set working hours for employees
  • Tabular overview
    Incl. export function
  • Cross-project booking overview
    Own "My projects" page
  • Deputy regulation
    For a smooth handover of tasks

Further information follows

June 2022

Risk management

  • Risk identification
    Link to processes, management systems, etc.
  • Action tracking
    Systematic monitoring and control
  • Risk management reports
    Useful for business partners and banks
  • ISO 9001 ready
    certification easier to obtain

Further information follows

July 2022

Workflow management / process automation

  • Automation
    Automate recurring tasks
  • Workflows
    Create triggers and generate automatic actions.

Further information follows

September 2022

Audit Management & Document Control

  • Audit management & planning
    Time and personnel planning
  • Create audit requirements
    Create audits from requirements
  • Audit implementation
    Document and link findings
  • Auditor management
    Creating auditors and assigning roles
  • Audit reports and follow-up
    Evaluate findings against criteria

Further information follows